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  1, 2 years: the warranty period, the first two years of the car is the peak, basically no problem. It's not true... Most cars have to replace their batteries within at least two years. Golf uses maintenance free batteries, which means the life of the battery starts to count down from the time the electrolyte is added to the battery, usually two years. Although there is a "observation window" battery, as long as it is green, it can continue to be used, but it also looks "green" rather than saying "hello" or "put down the car", and it doesn't need to worry too much. Generally, when the battery fails to appear again after you stop, it won't directly put you in the middle. The problem is, although the whole car has electricity (lights, sound, meters... ), but the engine can't be started and the starter can't turn when the ignition is started. At this time, all the warning lights on the instrument panel flash! There's no need to panic. Because the current is not stable. They are not bad. You have no choice but to use another car's battery "hook" car directly to the garage for a new car.
  In addition, two years is also the period of compulsory replacement of brake fluid. Brake fluid (also known as brake fluid) is easy to absorb oil. If there is water entering the oil system, the high temperature generated during braking will vaporize the water. When you step on the brake to compress only this part of air, and the brake disc cannot accurately and powerfully rub the disc...
  2. 3 years: replace the brake skin and fuel pump. For those who like to use a lot of oil and then slam on the brake at a critical moment, the brake will wear a lot and have a short life. Usually referred to as "brake disc / pad", the brake pad is more commonly used on tricycles. Brake system is one of the most important parts of the car, and it is the "safety part" of the car. If the engine breaks down, you can't leave; if the brake breaks down, you're in trouble. Strict inspection must be carried out frequently. Usually in use, pay attention to the wear of the front and rear wheels. Check whether the surface of the four brake discs is smooth. If a brake disc has a groove, repair and replace it immediately. The brake disc is absolutely unqualified. The brake disc is polished and replaced again.
  3. 4 years: when driving, you may find that the new car is so stable. If you encounter this situation, it's time to check the shock absorber of the car. If the spring of the shock absorber is no longer elastic, it will vibrate violently at high speed, especially in rainy days. My understanding is that shock absorbers and springs are different things. In the automobile suspension system, the main function of the automobile crane is to support the spring and leaf spring, while the shock absorber (shock absorber) is actually to absorb the vibration or shock or to suppress the "shock absorption structure", which is a piston cylinder filled with oil.
  Frankly speaking, if the spring and shock absorber are broken, the performance failure is very typical, not high-speed driving shaking, but "hooyou", a bit uneven place, the body is like a boat shaking up and down in the water, bow and scrape to the ground completely without the previous calm. On the other hand, if the shock absorber is not broken and the spring is broken, the weight on the other side of the car will fall directly on the shock absorber, until the end, the movement will be painful, just like riding on a stone.
  In fact, it's very simple to check the failure of the shock absorber. Use your hands at the four corners of the body and press. If the shaking body rebounds not one or more than two after release, it's normal. If you continue to bend up and down, it looks very elastic... It will be bad.
  4. 5 years: for the general family car use, pay attention to the timing of the belt does not change. If it is not replaced in time, the car will suddenly break down on the way, which requires a higher maintenance cost. The most important parameter for replacing the timing belt is mileage, not time. It is recommended to replace it slightly in advance within the specified mileage.
  Five years later: many people change a new car at this time. After all, there will be more problems in the car five years later. I'm not an expert. It's not easy to explain these problems here. If your car has been in use for more than 5 years, and you want to know more about the maintenance, you can ask others in person.
地址:山东省济南市全福立交桥东100米路北(工业北路301号)通运汽配城3排15、16号 4排15、16号)


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