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  The Sparrow Pride in 2011 lasted about 56,000 kilometers. According to customers, the car has traveled 55213 kilometers. A few days ago, a faulty light suddenly appeared in the driving process. When the engine goes out, it can't start again.
  Fault Diagnosis: After booking customers, arrange maintenance technicians to inspect the vehicle, and use SM3 diagnostic instrument to inspect the engine diagnostic system. The fault code shows the fault of P0890 self-closing relay. In order to determine whether there are occasional failures, maintenance personnel will clear the fault code, and then open the key, the vehicle starts smoothly.
  It seems that unlike the reported repairs, no abnormalities were found in the road inspection accompanied by customers. Is this really an accident caused by an unknown cause? Unexpectedly, when I entered the station, I hit a deceleration belt and saw AT oil flashing on the instrument. Then I went into the workshop and shut down, connected the diagnostic instrument to check the fault code, the original fault code.
  When you try to restart the car, you will find that the car did not start, you will only hear the "beep" sound on the starter. Despite the recurrence of the failure, technicians believe that it may be a battery failure or a generator failure. A new battery was borrowed from the warehouse, but it could not be started after installation.
  According to the fault code, it is found that the relay referred to by the fault code is actually the TCM power supply.
  Each circuit of the relay is in good condition without loosening. Take it down and check the relay itself. Static and dynamic tests are normal. This suspicion is that the harmful internal contact of TCM exists in itself, but because the website has no model of TCM, TCM loading, so it has to relay, try to shake two parts of the test and vibration skin flaps and TCM, the failure did not appear, but when the Pat relay suddenly lights up on the petroleum instrument, immediately shut down the engine. Vehicles can't start over.
  At this point, it can be said that the defective parts were finally identified. This is a traditional Chinese medicine relay. There is a loosening place in it. This will happen on the bumpy road. Replace relay and troubleshoot.
  Fault summary: When repairing oral cavity, we must follow the logic of fault judgment when some faults occur, especially when the diagnostic instrument has a clear fault code for reference, it must not be ignored.
  In this case, due to the experience of maintenance technicians, the battery malfunction was obtained from the "beep" sound when the machine was turned on, so it was detoured.
  The introduction of the three-package policy is also a test for our maintenance work. If the vehicle is repaired in a short time, the fault diagnosis is particularly important.
地址:山东省济南市全福立交桥东100米路北(工业北路301号)通运汽配城3排15、16号 4排15、16号)


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